Stay Human

There’s no one you wouldn’t love if you knew their story. Michael Franti is a globally-recognized musician, humanitarian, activist, and award-winning filmmaker revered for his high-energy live shows, inspiring music, devotion to health and wellness, worldwide philanthropic efforts, and the power of his optimism. Michael’s album ‘Stay Human Vol. II,’ which is an accompaniment to his documentary ‘Stay Human,’ focuses on how we hold on to our humanity in the most challenging times of our lives - and this podcast seeks to do the same. On the heels of four Billboard #1 singles and an array of Top 30 hits, Michael continues his mission of empowering a vast audience of likeminded activists and world-changers to create positive change. His 11th studio album ‘Work Hard And Be Nice’ is OUT NOW! Tune in to 'Stay Human' to join the movement!